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Lender Repossession FREE 'Risks' Audit
Lender Repossession FREE 'Risks' Audit If you are the approved person within a prime, sub-prime or captive lending organisation, this audit will highlight your personal risk & organisational exposure to non-compliance in relation to asset recovery. It will help you evidence due diligence, rectify non-compliance and spot potential illegal practices.

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Technology Driven FCA Compliance

Protecting your organisations reputation, carefully mitigating default risk and ensuring your personal liability are maintained.

These three aspects are continually in balance when managing secured finance, but how do you keep track? When an account falls into arrears and you are forced into taking action to mitigate the risk - how do you keep control? As a lender, you will have some or total control over the rehabilitation of the account, but wherever and whenever this control passes to a third party - how do you proactively demonstrate your due diligence?

You are only as good as the weakest link in the chain - so how do you manage the chain?

Do you manage your 'sub-contract chain' personnel?

  • Are all personnel exclusively employed with full background checks?
  • Do they receive nationally accredited TCF, anti-money laundering, data protection and compliance training?
  • Do they undertake a shadowed probation period?
  • Is there a dedicated compliance manager conducting:

- Operational checks
- Weekly process reviews
- Random mystery shoppers
- Spot ‘case file’ checks
- Ongoing compliance training via in-house training team

  • Are there systems which objectively monitor and evidence activity?

Can auditing provide evidence of systemic compliance?

If you are the approved CF28 within your organisation, if an individual acts outside the law, or in a non compliant manner, it is your responsibility.

The burden of proof falls upon you to demonstrate through - evidence based management information systems - this was an individual action and not a result of endemic management behaviour.

Anglia UK are unique in their ability to provide the most comprehensive evidence of systemic compliance:

- Digitally archived individual case by case records
- High security ‘access controlled’ environment
- ISO 9001 accredited processes
- Weekly review of any non-compliant activity with resulting actions
- Monthly ‘customer centric’ compliance reports

If you want to test for possible pitfalls in your current process please call for our FREE 'no-obligation' audit.

FREE 'Risks' audit on your repossession process

This discreet service is designed for prime, sub-prime and captive finance providers. There is absolutely no obligation, simply - call 01775 713322 or submit the form above to arrange your FREE 'Risks' audit.