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Lender Repossession FREE 'Risks' Audit
Lender Repossession FREE 'Risks' Audit If you are the approved person within a prime, sub-prime or captive lending organisation, this audit will highlight your personal risk & organisational exposure to non-compliance in relation to asset recovery. It will help you evidence due diligence, rectify non-compliance and spot potential illegal practices.

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Voluntary and Distress Fleet Repossession

Managing repossession of hundreds or thousands of vehicles in a short period demands the highest levels of resource and capability.

Managing a multi-site, distress fleet repossession, adds a level of complexity which only real-life experience and exemplary communications can accommodate. The understanding of emotions and the industry, from a 'person-up' perspective, enables careful planning and turnkey responsiveness to be executed with military precision.

How would you manage a distress fleet repossession?

  • Have you a recovery plan in place?
  • How would you manage the auditors, key holders, drivers?
  • Where would you store the repossessed vehicles?
  • How would you dispose of the fleet to get maximum return?
  • How quickly could you react to a situation?

How can you mitigate risk and plan to respond?

Distress disposal of a fleet is typically through a business falling into administration. Whether a dealership or commercial fleet, the challenges are very similar. For the appointed receivers, administrators or liquidators, vehicles are one of many issues and will not be their only concern. Their experience in turning a fleet back into capital will be varied and dependant upon a variety of partners, each with their own commercial goals.

Anglia UK are the most experienced, capable and innovative organisation in this sector. No other organisation can match the in-house resources, entrepreneurial approach and track-record. If plan A fails or looks like it might, what's your plan B?

FREE 'Risks' audit on your repossession process

This discreet service is designed for prime, sub-prime and captive finance providers. There is absolutely no obligation, simply - call 01775 713322 or submit the form above to arrange your FREE 'Risks' audit.