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Lender Repossession FREE 'Risks' Audit
Lender Repossession FREE 'Risks' Audit If you are the approved person within a prime, sub-prime or captive lending organisation, this audit will highlight your personal risk & organisational exposure to non-compliance in relation to asset recovery. It will help you evidence due diligence, rectify non-compliance and spot potential illegal practices.

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Single Asset Recovery - UK wide

Repossession of a vehicle is a complex task treading a fine line balancing high emotions, FCA compliance and acting within the law.

Whether a voluntary surrender or a keyless recovery, recording every aspect of the process being carried out is done in a compliant and legal manner is crucial. Which means having evidence of compliant and legal practice on a case by case basis - whilst being able to demonstrate a culture of compliance from management behaviour right through to your field agents actions.

Are you the CF28?

  • How clear are you on what happens in your name?
  • How do you evidence the field agents actions are compliant?
  • How do you evidence a repossession was carried out legally?
  • What measures have you taken to audit field agents training?
  • How could you demonstrate your due diligence in this process?
  • What could the cost of getting it wrong possibly be?

Are the field agents deployed on your behalf freelance?

It's common practice to employ field agents on a freelance basis as having a UK wide team is a very costly overhead. The challenge arises when you need to evidence to the police or FCA, the agent has acted within the law or in a compliant manner. How can you control this as the lender, when the field agent is financially motivated to recover the vehicle or have zero payment?

As the only organisation to provide a UK wide solution with exclusively employed, regionally based and compliance trained field agents - you get control and full accountability of all your repossession cases, case by case when you appoint Anglia UK.

FREE 'Risks' audit on your repossession process

This discreet service is designed for prime, sub-prime and captive finance providers. There is absolutely no obligation, simply - call 01775 713322 or submit the form above to arrange your FREE 'Risks' audit.