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Meet the Team │ James Cox

It's time for us to shine the spotlight on a member of the Anglia UK team, and today it's the turn of our Transport Manager, James Cox.

James has worked for us for 20 years and is responsible for managing our fleet of 28 vehicles and trailers.

As a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) holder, James is responsible for overseeing Anglia’s vehicle operating license and adhering to all relevant compliance matters. He ensures the goods vehicles are used safely and correctly and that the vehicles are properly maintained and inspected at the required intervals. One of his key aims is to ensure any repairs and routine maintenance are carried out in a way that doesn’t cause disruption to the business.

When asked what makes Anglia UK different from the competition he said:

"We are one of the few companies in our sector to own an HGV operator’s licence, which means we can carry vehicles over a combined 3.5T payload. In order to obtain the licence, operators need to demonstrate they are a company of good repute, are of appropriate financial standing, have adequate facilities or arrangements to maintain the vehicles and are capable of ensuring that staff obey all the rules.”

An HGV operator’s licence provides details of how many vehicles a company is allowed to operate (margin). The Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS) is used to calculate the risk of an operator. Those not following the rules on roadworthiness (the condition of its vehicles) and traffic infringements see their score affected as a result. Anglia has consistently achieved the highest Green-Green rating.

James's three children keep him busy most of the time, but when he does get a spare minute, he uses it to keep up with his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.