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Free Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology
Free Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology The demonstration can be in-person or remote, it takes 45 minutes and illustrates the benefits of how delivering fact based audit data, detailed ‘real time’ management information quickly, and automatically highlights any evidence of exposure to risk.

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Stock Compliance and Management

If you provide unit stocking finance for UK dealers in cars, vans, trucks, caravans or even agricultural equipment – how do you ensure your finance is secure?

The very nature of stocking finance means your security is on the unit being financed – which is mobile. Asset values are open to interpretation based upon the integrity of information provided by those seeking finance. What’s more, industry standard audits are labour intensive and subjective.

What if you had:

  • Audits which ‘geo-tag’ assets pinpointing location, time and date
  • Compliance with your agreement terms validated with fact based evidence of the assets integrity
  • Photographic reporting to evidence and monitor condition
  • Rising risk profiles instantly flagged by intuitive reporting tools
  • A highly experienced audit team to provide expert analysis and a rolling roadmap on how the account is managed

What if audits could be one off assignments?

Anglia UK has a highly responsive team of experienced asset auditors, coupled with reporting tools which objectively measure the risk and highlight any compliance issues. Providing you with the industry leading asset management solution for unit stocking finance. Whether you want a benchmark of your current exposure or processes, or have a pressing need - one phone call to Anglia UK will be all it takes.

Want a FREE Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology?

Understand first hand, how our unique technology, gives you 'realtime' reporting on your asset status based upon evidence not opinion - call 01775 713322 or submit the form above.