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Free Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology
Free Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology The demonstration can be in-person or remote, it takes 45 minutes and illustrates the benefits of how delivering fact based audit data, detailed ‘real time’ management information quickly, and automatically highlights any evidence of exposure to risk.

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Reduce and Manage Exposure on Rising Risk Profiles

Identifying a rising risk client enables you to manage your exit or reduce exposure to an acceptable level as a controlled process.

Slowly reducing your finance line as assets are sold means you are in control without escalating the risk. Which means you need a dynamic technology platfom to automatically identify trends and irregularities. Without it, critical time is lost and more dramatic actions potentially need to be taken.

What if you could spot the early warning signs?

  • Behavioural Trends & Irregularities
  • Asset & Operational Irregularities
  • Discreet Asset & Operational Investigation

How do you manage exposure of high risk stock?

Having the technology and reporting tools is fine, it helps provide you with the early signs of increasing risk. However, what then?

Anglia UK has specialist teams of highly experienced auditors, who work daily in this sector. They are equipped with the training and skill sets to discreetly manage the exit. They are experts in identifying high risk stock compliance issues. Working with the technology platform, their specialist skills enable them to covertly monitor more subjective behavioural trends and irregularities.

This ‘real-world’ field presence perspective is often the difference between a successful exit and having your exposure realised - with all the consequences and costs associated.

Want a FREE Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology?

Understand first hand, how our unique technology, gives you 'realtime' reporting on your asset status based upon evidence not opinion - call 01775 713322 or submit the form above.