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Free Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology
Free Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology The demonstration can be in-person or remote, it takes 45 minutes and illustrates the benefits of how delivering fact based audit data, detailed ‘real time’ management information quickly, and automatically highlights any evidence of exposure to risk.

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Distress Audit & Keyholder Services

What happens if there is no option to manage your exit?

Understanding what happens when dealerships are on the verge of collapse or fail enables robust and effective planning. Only experience combined with wide reaching capabilities and resources in-house makes a fully compliant, rapid response possible. Because experience, capability and the ability to react are key factors which help you mitigate loss in these circumstances.

If things go wrong you need:

  • A turnkey ‘synchronised’ response
  • Vehicle logistics & storage solutions
  • Bespoke ‘end to end’ solutions

When every second counts, who would you call?

There is no other organisation in the UK with greater experience, capability or skillset to manage a distress audit and keyholder service. Anglia UK has a unique combination of disciplines within the four divisions. Combine this with our extensive resources and capabilities, means we deliver the coordinated rapid response which makes the difference to your bottom line.

The unique capability of Anglia UK coupled with a flexible, innovative mindset, enables fast and effective solutions to the most complex situations. No company has this capability or the track record in managing this type of situation. What's your plan B?

Want a FREE Demonstration of this 'state of the art' technology?

Understand first hand, how our unique technology, gives you 'realtime' reporting on your asset status based upon evidence not opinion - call 01775 713322 or submit the form above.