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A Dedicated, Regionally Based, Field Agent Network

Exclusively employed by Anglia UK, means each individual field agent receives intensive National Skills Academy approved training in data protection, TCF, anti-money laundering law - in addition to other relevant criminal law.

With technology automatically evidencing visits via multiple tracking devices, the field visit process is a combination of uploading case notes supported by factual visit data. This level of control over the quality of a field agents skill sets and 'in-field' activity is not possible if third-part sub-contractors are used.

How field agent reporting is managed

  • Visit times and durations digitally archived to case file
  • Near 'real time reporting' sent to the case file by Agent on engagement and outcomes
  • Dedicated Compliance Manager
  • Operational Checks

- Weekly process reviews
- Random mystery shoppers
- Spot ‘case file’ checks
- Ongoing compliance training via in-house training team

  • Weekly review of any non-compliant activity with outcomes

Field agents are often dealing with emotionally charged or time critical situations

Regionally based field agents have local knowledge of an area, are able to assess a situation first hand and report the facts. If the need arises, Anglia UK field agents are also trained how to repossess a vehicle legally - with or without keys. The costs in getting a single element wrong at this stage can result in reputational loss, costly fines and possibly legal action.

There is little to protect a field agent against false or misleading claims. So the need for high levels of training, supported by robust supervision, is as much a protective measure as to demonstrate compliance and TCF.

Come see our operation, we guarantee it will surpass your expectations

See each of the four dedicated divisions operating from our secure, access controlled, command centre - located within our thirty two acre site with secure vehicle compound. We will demonstrate our leading edge technology platforms, evidenced based compliance and world class training.

Arrange your visit to our command centre and see how we operate and how it benefits you.