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TAMS - Management Information Platform

Proprietary to Anglia UK, the Total Audit Management System software manages the Asset Audit information. Clients can manage their assets, view auditor reports and have tailored status reporting.

The TAMS management information platform is customised to your specific requirements. It is designed and built to document solid processes which support each service activity. It embraces technology to objective measures of asset condition, location and status.

A quick overview of how TAMS supports intelligent lending

  • Manages Stock Compliance and Asset Integrity

- Audits which ‘geo-tag’ assets, pinpointing location, time and date
- Compliance to agreement terms validated with fact based evidence of the assets integrity
- Photographic reporting to evidence and monitor condition
- Rising risk profiles instantly flagged by intuitive reporting tools
- Expert analysis and a rolling roadmap on account management

  • Highlights Exposure on 'Rising Risk' Profiles

- Behavioural Trends & Irregularities automatically flagged
- Asset & Operational Irregularities automatically flagged
- Discreet Asset & Operational Investigation Reporting

  • Minimises Loss in Distress Audits and Insolvency Cases

- Enables a turnkey ‘synchronised’ response
- Manages vehicle logistics & storage solutions
- Provides a central management view of bespoke ‘end to end’ repossession solutions

  • iPhone App

There is a Total Audit Management iPhone application.

All backed up with expert support and analysis from a dedicated audit team

Anglia UK has a highly responsive team of experienced asset auditors, coupled with reporting tools which objectively measure the risk and highlight any compliance issues. Providing you with the industry leading asset management solution for unit stocking finance. Whether you want a benchmark of your current exposure or processes, or have a pressing need - one phone call to Anglia UK will be all it takes.

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