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TAG - Management Information Platform

Proprietary to Anglia UK, this management information platform manages workflow, for the Credit Management division - with built-in procedures and controls to meet the FCA TCF requirements.

The TAG management information system drives TCF compliance through detailed processes. These detailed responsibilities, processes, controls and standards systematically gathers evidence to demonstrate TCF consumer outcomes.

A quick overview of TAG drives customer outcomes

  • Telephone & letter

- All calls automatically digitally recorded & case referenced
- All correspondence digitally archived to individual case file
- All compliance procedures digitally evidenced to case file

  • Field agent visits

- Geo-Tracked visits digitally archived to individual case file
- Geo-Tracked time & duration digitally archived to individual case file
- Near 'realtime reporting' direct to case file by field agent on engagement, outcomes & actions

  • Records possible further action taken

Repossession, voluntary termination, voluntary surrender or asset sold, scrapped or beyond economic repair

Dedicated compliance manager reviews reporting tools weekly

To ensure systematic compliance is evidence based and ingrained in the fabric of the organisation, the Anglia UK compliance manager undertakes weekly process reviews; random mystery shoppers; spot ‘case file’ checks and ongoing compliance training via the in-house training team.

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