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LogNet - Debt Collection Management Information Platform

Anglia UK are the official UK distributors for LogNet 'field agent debt collection auditing and performance management platform' on behalf of Camlina Communications.

LogNet enables lenders to manage one or multiple field agents, whether acting in a search, debt collection or repossession capacity. It provides a system to make this process more efficient because it eliminate double/triple entry and provides key performance data they need to drive agent achievement and effectiveness.

Manage your in-house agents, external third party agents or multiple combinations.

  • Seamless 'end to end' credit management visibility

- Enables the Client to manage the process from issuing to an agent through to live updates on cases and document management and reporting

• Telephone & letter activity audit and outcomes
• Field agent visits activity audit and outcomes
• Vehicle and asset repossession activity audit and outcomes

  • Secure, private central communication portal

- All stages throughout the following Process section can be viewed and commented on

• Instruction
• Allocation
• Monitoring
• Passed For Payment
• Reporting
• Certification Management
• Complaints/TCF Reporting

  • Point in time recorded data

- Agreement number
- Instruction Type / Client Code
- Customer title, forename, initial, surname
- Customer address
- Customer phone number
- Customer date of birth
- Vehicle registration number
- Goods / Vehicle description
- Recorded Date
- Completion date
- Comment history
- Vehicle condition
- Vehicle Status
- Keys Y/N
- V5 Y/N
- Service History Y/N
- Recovered from (address)
- Delivered to (Address)
- Vehicle Mileage
- Arrears Paid
- Costs Collected
- Payment Date
- Phase
- Job Number
- Job Status

  • Outcome benefits of using the LogNet Debt Collection Management Information Platform

- Manages risk and can be used to highlight compliance issues
- Manages 'field agent' performance and increases effectiveness through competitive benchmarking
- Reduces turnaround times and depreciation.
- Increased asset values
- Reduces provisioning
- Reduces write off
- Increased collections

LogNet enables you to view all cases and case notes live on the system

LogNet provides a central point of control, highlighting activity, outcomes and individual performance levels. It automatically archives the information collected and collated keeping a full audit trail of the case file documents and notes should they be required.

As all parties are working on the same 'real-time' platform mistakes and overlaps are significantly reduced and if they do occur, quickly identified.

A full training schedule for all relevant Client employees is offered in the License fee and delivered by Anglia UK.

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