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Secure Compound and Vehicle Storage

Home to our transporter fleet, the secure compound has capacity to expand into our 32 acre site, if and when the need arises.

Moving thousands of vehicles in the shortest of timeframes means the need for storage is an ever present factor. Which is why our site was carefully chosen for its location and additional storage capacity.

Being equipped means the capacity to respond

  • High security vehicle compound
  • 32 acre site
  • CCTV and physical security

Providing options and being in an 'ever ready' state

Experience of the automotive retail supply chain and challenges of managing large scale fleet repossession, equips Anglia UK with a unique capability to deliver a fully managed 'end-to-end' solution across the UK.

Come see our operation, we guarantee it will surpass your expectations

See each of the four dedicated divisions operating from our secure, access controlled, command centre - located within our thirty two acre site with secure vehicle compound. We will demonstrate our leading edge technology platforms, evidenced based compliance and world class training.