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Centralised Facility and Control Centres

A high security ‘access controlled’ environment ensures data protection compliance both visually and audibly from inadvertent exposure.

Having a centralised command centre housing the four divisional control rooms provides seemless, fast and effective communications as and when the need arises. Because we realise minutes may be the difference between a successful outcome on your account correction.

No other organisation can match our facilities

  • Central command centre
  • Four divisional control rooms
  • 32 acre site with secure compound and storage

Responding to your circumstances means an 'ever ready' state is maintained

Whether a single account correction or a whole fleet distress audit and recovery, Anglia UKs' four divisions are well rehearsed in responding to the widest brief in the shortest timescales. Having a centralised command centre enables multi-divisional briefings and collaboration to execute a seamless 'multi-disciplined response.

Come see our operation, we guarantee it will surpass your expectations

See each of the four dedicated divisions operating from our secure, access controlled, command centre - located within our thirty two acre site with secure vehicle compound. We will demonstrate our leading edge technology platforms, evidenced based compliance and world class training.

Arrange your visit to our command centre and see how we operate and how it benefits you.